This mid-term Strategic partnership supported by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission is promoted by a consortium of the following European organizations:


logo-trajectoryaMTÜ Trajectorya (Estonia) — Project coordinator

TRAJECTORYA is a non-for-profit, non-partisan, and non-governmental training organization. It was established with the aim to promote life long learning and non formal education as tools for enhancing human dignity and intercultural dialogue.

Trajectorya provides training and consultancy to non-governmental organisations and educational institutions working with young people, educators and adult learners.

  • Educational training

Trajectory@ creates spaces for organisations and youth leaders to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes in order to further strengthen their role in the building of civil society.

  • Events Organisation

Trajectory@ supports the development of events with the aim to increase the level of democratic participation, human dignity and intercultural sensitivity among young people.

  • Consultancy

Trajectory@ provides consultancy to non-governmental organisations and educational institutions working with young people and supports the development of value based projects.

  • Adult Learning

Following our main objective of promoting Live Long Learning, Trajectorya creates learning opportunities for adult learners to further develop competences and strengthen their involvement and active participation in society.


logo-il-casseroComitato Provinciale Arcigay Il Cassero (Italy)

Arcigay il Cassero is actively engaged in bettering the lives of LGBT people (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) and represents one of the most innovating and important cultural, social and political experiences in Bologna, reference point of the entire Italian homosexual community.

It is the Provincial Committee of Arcigay, the italian gay, lesbian and trans association.

Cassero – LGBT Center is a multifunctional project, for 30 years it has been producing and developing services, facilities, activities and events. It is open all year, all day long, in order to receive, inform, uphold and entertain. Engaged in continuous dialogue with the city of Bologna and with national and international realities, it counts over 17.000 members, reaching out to a local, regional and national user base of over 100.000 people.

People involved in all the services and activities of Cassero go up to 150, either volunteers and employed.

The services addressed to the city and citizenship of Bologna, include counseling, reception, training and information, together with educational projects addressed to schools and prevention campaigns for STD and HIV.

Cassero is also responsible for artistic and cultural events both in its premises and around town, engaging with many local realities, such as: Film Library of Bologna, University of Bologna, Mambo (Museum of modern art of Bologna), Salaborsa Library, Women Library and so on.


logo_aheadAssociation of Human Rights Educators (AHEAD) (Catalonia)

  • The mission of the Association of Human Rights Educators (AHEAD) is to promote human rights education (HRE) as a requisite to strengthen the commitment towards a culture of peace, democracy and solidarity.
  • The objectives of the association are:
  • To consolidate HRE as the framework for raising awareness and educating for citizenship and participation, development, for peace, for sustainability, the work of gender and emotional diversity, and intercultural learning;
  • To provide competences development to young professionals, organizations of civil society – particularly youth organization – and institutions – especially educational;
  • To develop innovative methodologies and create educational materials in HRE as well as to translate, adapt and disseminate educational materials from other countries to the Catalan linguistic and cultural sphere;
  • To promote the exchange of experiences, networking and the definition of public policies that incorporate transversally HRE;
  • To implement social inclusion projects of solidarity and cooperation for development both locally and globally.

AHEAD is member of the Catalan Federation of Human Rights Organisations, the Spanish Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation and the European Youth Network of Human Rights youth organisations (HREYN).


National Institute for Social Integration (Nacionalinis socialines integracijos institutas) (Lithuania)

National Institute for Social Integration (NISI) was established to pursuing further the ideas and activities of the CoE campaign “All different – all equal”. NSII has gathered lots of experienced human rights activists, former campaign’s volunteer work for the promotion of active youth participation, diversity, tolerance and human rights education. Moreover, the organization generates and applies social innovations that support the integration of people from various socially vulnerable groups into the multiple society. Last year organization has become a national coordinator of the CoE movement  „No hate speech“ which fights against hate speech online in all forms, including cyberbullying.   Also it creates and applies social innovations, which supports the integration of the persons from various socially vulnerable groups within the manifold society. NISI is running several different programs:

  • Human Rights Education Programme:  developing human rights education for youth. NISI work with EU campaigns “All different – all equal” and recently “No Hate Speech Movement” is marked by very high youth involvement (2014 – more than 10 000 young people informed and involved). NISI is constantly developing long – lasting educational initiatives, such as Human Library and Social Street Art, as well as implementing new creative methods, such as “Love Panda” campaign against hate speech.
  • Media4change: international platform, training young journalists and editors while seeking for higher standards regarding human rights in mainstream media.
  • Social Taxi – specific mobility facility for the disabled persons.

NISI recently is continuing work in the Human Rights Education. Being a national coordinator in Lithuania of CoE No Hate Speech Movement campaign, the organization has developed an innovative approach by the creation of the “Love Panda” campaign ( that has evoked very high youth involvement and attracted an international attention.


logo-iitIntercultural Institute of Timisoara (Romania)

IIT is a non-profit organisation, established in 1992 and having as mission to promote an intercultural approach in education, cultural policy, civil society and research. IIT is also promoting the principles and values of the Council of Europe and works for the development of participatory democracy and against discrimination. IIT has implemented numerous local, national or international projects on these topics. In 1998, IIT became the first Eastern European organisation coordinating a COMENIUS project, and has been involved in various projects in the framework of Socrates, Youth in Action or Lifelong Learning Programmes. IIT is actively promoting non-formal education in Romania and has experience in using non-formal education methods with young people, including young people belonging to minority or migrant communities, but also in training of adults or education professionals. Since 2015, IIT is supporting the Council of Europe in the piloting of a new model of competences for democratic culture (


logo-reninstRenaisance Institute (Turkey)

Renaissance Institute is a Non-Governmental Organization which consists of individuals seeking to provide social added value for the sake of sustainable development through educational and innovative projects. Our members believe in the importance of social enterprises and voluntary organizations in terms of delivering good public services as they can be more innovative in service delivery thanks to closer relationships with their communities. As a Non-Governmental Organisation, Renaissance Institute works with high motivational performance, which is beyond bureaucratic limitations that the public sector has. Renaissance Institute creates and runs many national and transnational projects/events/activities in collaboration with a wide spectrum of organizations: public bodies, universities, companies, foundations, associations and communities, as well as local, regional and national authorities. By offering capacity building trainings and tools to organizations and individuals from different sectors, we aim to generate a multi-sectorial synergy for sustainable development. Moreover, our team members aim to contribute to the development of support systems for citizens. Members take actions to make the voice of the citizens heard and let them make a move to explore and realize their potential.

Our Mission is to create social added value in order to provide high quality and inclusive youth services in educational, social and cultural areas and mobilize the potential of young people.

Our Vision is to produce sustainable solutions by incorporating and collaborating with people who adopt our principles and values and by carrying out international youth works that provide guidance and leadership.



logo-beintBe International (Czech Republic)

Be International is an international youth civic association which goes beyond the surface of globalization and comfort zones. We are sending and hosting young people and their values, skills and knowledge in order to create a platform for sharing. We work both at international and local level.

Be International holds international meetings and use non-formal education for training the active participation, peace building, human rights and media awareness and our first volunteers were sent for EVS. In our local community we organize documentary movie screenings, socially engaged theatre plays, Syrian community oriented public events and international evenings. We think globally but we are acting locally.